Talent Show @ BCDS

Do you want to see some very talented performers? If you answered yes, come!!! From dancing and singing, to comedy and music, this will be a hit!!! Yoav and Yael are telling jokes with a twist of twisting by Yael. Yehudit will be playing a musical suprise on the piano.  It is the biggest talk of the school and we hope you can make it!!!

Hanukkah is coming!!

Hanukkah is coming!!! We can’t wait!!! Bubbie and Zadie are coming on the third day and we are so excited to see them again!!! Yael likes Hanukkah because she smiles!!! Yehudit likes Hanukkah because she learnt that Yehudit is in the story of Hanukkah. Yoav likes Hanukkah because he likes presents. Yakira likes Hanukkah because of GELT!!! Yael also likes Hanukkah because of the dreidels!!!! We are excited!!!! We love HANUKKAH!!!! Bubbie and Zadie are so AWESOME!!! I have a little dreidle…